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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What is the Hindu Religion???

What is the Hindu Religion???

What is this religion which we call
Sanatana, eternal? It is the Hindu religion only because the Hindu
nation has kept it, because in this Peninsula it grew up in the
... seclusion of the sea and the Himalayas, because in this sacred and
ancient land it was given as a charge to the Aryan race to preserve
through the ages. But it is not circumscribed by the confines of
a single country, it does not belong peculiarly and forever to a
bounded part of the world. That which we call the Hindu religion
is really the eternal Sanatana religion, because it is the universal
religion, which embraces all others. If a religion is not universal,
it cannot be eternal.

submitted by :- Nitin Saddocharan, Noida

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