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Friday, June 25, 2010



chapter 1: Civilisations
{ Part 1 : Beads , Bricks & Bones }
*Indus Valley Civilisation,
also called Harrappa Culture, Its distictive features or objects obtained from Harrappan sites are beads, bricks, stones etc.
- Named after Harrappa, the 1st found site.
-This civilisation dates back to c2600 - 1900 bce.

*important cities of Harrappa culture were :-
1. Mohanjodaro,
2. Kalibangan,
3. Harrappa,
4. lothal etc.
* Harrappa is located in pakistan's montegomeri district. it was excavated by Mr. Dayaram Sahni in the year 1921 ad.
* Mohanjodaro was first known urban planned city, It is located in Sindh region of pakistan, it was excavated by Mr. Rakhal Das Banerjee in the year 1922 ad.
* Kalibangan was located in Rajasthan's sriganga nagar district, was excavated by Mr B B lal & Mr. Amsanand Ghosh ( 1953 ad ).
* Lothal is situated in the Gujarat's ahmedabad district, excavated in the year 1957 by Mr. S R rao.

* All excavation works were done By ASI.
ASI stands for Archaeological survey of India. It's first director general was " Alexander Cuunningham, also called "Father of indian Archaeology. "

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