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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Notes on Ancient Indian Cultural Heritage & History:

Notes on Ancient Indian Cultural Heritage & History:

Languages and Literatures:-
~ Early Indian literature can be divided in to various parts. It can be divided into literatures of various languages, especially Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Dravid & Various other North Indian Languages. These languages were in us that time.

~ Early indian literature have following of these subjects in common:-
1. Sutra literature,
2. Grammar
3. Epics
4. Poesy
5. sermons
6. sringar..

~ Mainly study of literature was limited to sanskrit and its allied subjects
~ Pali and prakrit languages and their literature growed with Budhism and jainism religions.
~ Pali and prakrit languages were the languages of common peoples , sanskrit was the language of elite class and high status people.
~ sanskrit was the language in which vedic literature and other hindu religious texts were composed . That's why sanskrit language developed.
~ Bodhist and jain texts were composed in pali and prakrit languages.

~ However , sanskrit was official language at that time, it was used as language at big processions, official works, religious activities etc....

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