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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Morning India

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Thought for today:-

Seeking a friend

It need not be man enough to be human, just have feelings, just take heart. Must be able to speak and be silent, especially listening. Have to like poetry, early, bird, sun, moon, song, songs of wind and breeze. It must have love, a great love for someone, or miss not having that love .. Shall love your neighbor and r
...espect the pain that passersby can take. Must keep secret without sacrifice.

It need not be first hand, nor is it essential that it is second hand. May have been wrong, because all the friends are wrong. It need not be pure, even if all impure, but should not be vulgar. Must have an ideal and fear of losing him and, if so do not be, must feel the great void that it leaves. Must have human resonances, your main goal should be to a friend. Should feel sad and sorry for the person to understand the vast emptiness of the lonely. Must like children and the pity that could not be born.

Seeking a friend to enjoy the same tastes, which is moved, when called friend. Who knows how to talk of simple things, dew, heavy rains and childhood memories. They need a friend not to go crazy, to tell what we saw beautiful and sad during the day, the aspirations and achievements, dreams and reality. Must like the deserted streets, from standing water and wet roads, roadside in forest after rain, to lie in the grass.

They need a friend who says that life is worth living, not because life is beautiful, but because there is already a friend. They need a friend to stop crying. To live is not bending in the past in search of lost memories. That we tap the shoulders smiling or crying, but we call friend, to have to realize that still lives.
-submitted by Amit Aryan.

Shayari for the day:-

Ae mere Yado k HumSafar
Teri Aadat kuch aisi ho gayi h
Phulo S Guzarte ho tum or
Khusbu Hum Safar humari ho gayi ha

- submitted by Puja

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