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Saturday, July 3, 2010

cholas of thanjavur

Cholas of Thanjavur:-

       The chola empires of thanjavur, arose in 9th century, by capturing the pallava dynasty / empire / subordianates. They arose by capturing Muttararaiyar family of pallavas which were ruling in kaveri delta. They brought under its control a large part of the deccan penninsula.

       The cholas also developed a powerful Navy.
        This helped him to conquer the regions of ceylon ( present day srilanka ) and Maldives islands.

Their influence was felt even in the south east asian countries.

Rajaraja and rajendra, both were the great rulers of chola dynasty.
Raja raja ( 985-1016 ) and his son Rajendra ( 1016-1044) both ruled south india.

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