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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deo - Full Story on deo , aurangabad ( BIHAR )


Aurangabad district in Bihar is home to myriad tourist attractions. Magnificent temples, historical places and Islamic pilgrimage centers are located in the district. Excellent connectivity via road and efficient means of local transport has boosted up tourism in Aurangabad. As a result, the number of tourists visiting the place has increased considerably. Touring around the district will be a pleasant experience from October to March, which is considered the best time to visit Aurangabad. Read on to know about the places to see in Aurangabad. ....
here is the list some of important sites in Aurangabad, Bihar.


:: Famous for its ancient Sun Temple >>> 

Located 10-km to the southeast of Aurangabad, Deo is home to the well-known Sun temple. The 15th century old temple is believed to be built by Bhairvendra Sing, a Chandravanshi king of Umga. It is a 100-ft tall structure, with an umbrella-like top. The important custom of worshipping the Sun God and taking bath in its Brahma Kund dates back to the era of King Ayel. Every year, during Chhath festival, thousands of pilgrims gather in the premises of the temple to worship the Sun God.

   The holy sunland of deo is also the place of historical importance, Here tourist can find ruins of ancient forts mainly built in the era of the king " RAJA JAGGANNATH PRASAD SINGH", his empire wss the time when deo, bloomed intothe great location. His main administration center was located in " KANCHANPUR" village, almost 3-4 kms south of DEO, the other palce that is an attraction to the tourists are forests and the "baba Siddhanath"s temple, located on the bodla peak near the village of BARA KHURD. the forest here have the wel maintained greenery and in history , it was the place where the king and his ministers went for hunting.

Deo Kund

Deo Kund is an important historic place that forms one of the major tourist attractions in Aurangabad. Situated 10 km to the southeast of the border of Aurangabad and Jehanabad, Deo Kund houses an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thousands of worshippers visit this temple during Shivratri. As per a legend connected to Deo Kund, Chyawan Rishi took shelter in this temple. 

Umga is one of the famous tourist attractions in Aurangabad. Located 24-km to the east of the city, the pilgrim center houses a Vaishnava temple. In terms of its architecture, the temple bears resemblance to the Sun temple built at Deo. Square granite blocks are used to built the magnificent Vaishnava temple, which houses the deities of Lord Ganesha, Sun God and Lord Shiva. Archaeologists and historians will definitely find this temple a special place to visit. 

Amjhar Sharif
Amjhar Sharif bears religious significance for being an important Islamic pilgrimage centre of Aurangabad. Located about 10 km away from Panchrukhia, on the Daudnagar-Gaya Road, Amjhar Sharif is abode of an ancient mazaar (grave) of a Muslim saint - Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani Amjhari Quadri. Thousands of Muslims visit this pilgrimage center on the anniversary of the great saint, which is held in the first week of June. The holy hair of the saint is put on display on the occassion. 

Pawai, Mali and Chandangadh
Migrants from Rajasthan played a crucial role during the medieval and modern periods of history of Aurangabad. Pawar, Mali and Chandangadh are locations where one can find the remains of old forts, whose princes are said to have come from Rajasthan. A visit to these places will prove to be highly adventurous for enthusiastic archaeologists. 

Another tourist place in Aurangabad that bears some historical significance is Piru. Known as Pritikoota in the ancient times, it was the birthplace of Banbhatta, a legendary poet and the State Chronicler of King Harshwardhana. 

Siris, yet another interesting tourist place in Aurangabad, was a pargana during the rule of Sher Shah and the Mughal Empire. Over the passing years, the place became the playground of King Narayan Sing and some unsung heroes of The Revolt of 1857. Siris also houses a mosque, which was built during the rule of Aurangzeb.


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