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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't know what to put up!!

If you are a Bindass Indian & a college student , feel free to share things... this is your space... your blog.. we are your friends..share what you have!


just email it to :
and your post will be published! *

*-conditions applied

"I dont know what to put up!! :(

not to worry... dear friend.. you can put up anything you wish...
● info/updates of college/fests/campussing:
● campussing news/ questions:
● sharing of sessional paper and related info:
● study materials
● computer tricks
● e-book launch:
● software launch:
● Articles/literature by the members...


1.You should mention your:
● name:
● college:
● stream:
● email address:

2. You should not send glitter
● Any glittery html embeded object.
● nudity/porn/adult contents
● no use of Abusive words
● it should not hurt any nations/college's/persons sentiments.

● Any form of claim should be followed by testimony
● refrain from sending personal/confidential/copy righted material

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