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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

meaning of hanuman chalisha by verse

Meaning of Hanuman Chalisa by verse:
{ obtained from an e-mail from one of the bindass indians, shared by Amit Gunjan }

Sri Guru Charana Saroj raja Nija Mana Mukur sudhaari
Baranou raghubara bimala jasu jo daayak phala chaari

Touching the feet of my teacher, I cleanse my mind and go on to describe 

Hanuman and his success who is the giver of the four fruits (The four fruits, as 

described by any religious scripture, constitutes inner revelation of the four novel 

truths - the divine light, the cosmic vibrations in the form of music, the name of 

God, and the holy waters - which can be realised within the human body itself, by 

grace of an absolute master )

Here, the person who is chanting the Hanuman Chalisa starts off with an 

invocation to Lord Hanuman and states as to what he will be doing through the 40 


Budhee heena tanujaanike sumeero Pawana kumaar
Balabudhee bidya dehu moheem harahu kalesh vikaar

I, the person without enough knowledge (be it wordly knowledge or education or 

whatsoever), pray to the son of the Wind, give me the strength and the knowledge 

and take away all my miser

1. Jai Hanuman Gyana Guna sagara
Jai Kapeesha Tihun lok ujaagar

Glory be to Hanuman who is the ocean of knowledge.
Glory be to the monkey chief who lights up the 3 worlds.

2. Rama doot atulita bala dhaamaa
Anjanee Putra pawana suta naamaa

He was the messenger of Rama and a very strong man,
son of Anjanee and also called son of the Wind God

(Anjanee is the name of the biological mother of Hanuman : Hence, he is also 

called Aanjaneya)

3. Mahabir vikram bajarangee
kumatee nivaara sumatee ke sangee

A person with exceptional valour and with a body as strong as the thunderbolt,
dispeller of evil thoughts and a companion of good wisdom.

4. Kanchana varana viraaj subesha
kanana kundale kunchita kesha

With the golden coloured body and good clothes,
with shiny earings and beautiful curly hair.

5. Haatha bajra aur dhwajaa virajay
kaandhe moonj jane-un saaje

With the flag and the thunderbolt in his hand,
with the sacred thread across your shoulder is made of sacred grass

6. Shankar suvan kesaree nandan
tej prataap maha jag vandan

Son of Shankara (shiva) and son of Kesari,
with all the brightness present, the whole world salutes to thee.

(Shiva is also a father as Anjanee had prayed to lord Shiva and he is a 

manifestation of Shiva himself. Kesaree is his biological father).

7. Vidyavaan Gunee atee chatur
Ramakaj kareebe ko aatur

Knowledgeable, good characterd and very clever,
Always eager to perform duties for Rama.

8. Prabhu Charitra sunee be ko rasiya
Rama Lakhana Sita Man basiya

Always interested and enjoys the glory of the Lord (Rama)
With Rama, Lakshama and Sita always present in his heart.

9. Sukshma roop dharee siyaheen dikhaava
vikata roop dharee lank Jalaawaa

Assuming the smallest form, when you met Sita,
and with the fierce form, you set Lanka on fire

10. Bheema Roop dharee asura samhaare
Ramachandra ke kaaj sanwaare

Assuming the form of Bheema (a very valorous character who appears in the 

Mahabharat), he killed the demons, thus accomplishing the task of Sri Rama.

11. Laaye Sanjeevan Lakhana Jiyaye
Sree Raghuveer Harasheeura laaye

By bringing the Sanjeevan, he helped Lakshama survive,
Thus bringing immense happiness to Lord Rama.

12. Raghupatee keenhee bahut badhaayee
tuma mam priya bharata hi sam bhayee

Shri Ram lovingly extolled Hanumanji's excellence,
and remarked, "you are as dear to me as my own brother Bharat"

13. Sahasa Badan tumharo jasu gaavay
Asaha Kahee sreepathee Kantha lagavay

Shri Ram embraced Hanumanji saying:
"Let the thousand-tongued Sheshnaag sing your glories"

Lord Rama is actually an incarnation of lord Vishnu who resides with Goddess 

Lakshmi in Vaikuntha. They live on a serpent with 1000 heads called Adisehsa. 

Lord Rama says here that even Adishesha is singing your praise. So famous and 

great you are.

14. Sanaka dik Brahma dee muneesa
Narada sharada sahita Aheesa

Sanak and the sages, saints, Lord Brahma,
the great hermits Narad and Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag the cosmic 

serpent, fail to sing the glories of Hanumanji exactly

15. Jama Kubera digapaala jahan the
Kavi kovida Kahee sakay kahan the

What to talk of denizens of the earth like poets and scholars ones etc,
when even Gods like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal fail to narrate Hanman's 

greatness in toto.

16. Tuma upakaar sugreevaheen keenha
Rama milaaya Rajapad Deenha

You helped Sugreeva (the king of monkeys)
And made him meet Rama and thus restore his throne.

17. Tumharo Mantra vibheeshana maanaa 
Lankeshwara bhaye saba jaga jaanaa

By heeding your advice, Vibheeshana became Lord of Lanka, which is known all 

over the universe.

Vibheeshana was the brother of Ravana and he was a very good man inspite of 

being on the demon's side. But, his goodness was recognized by Hanumanjee who 

led him to Rama. After the great Ramayan battle, Vibheeshana was reinstated 

the king which the whole world knows and thus bringing peace and order into 


18. Juga Sahasra jo-jana para bhanu
Leelyo taahe madhur phal jaanu

By jumping a 1000 yojans (a unit of distance) into the sky
(and swallowed the sun) thinking that the sun was a sweet fruit.

19. Prabhu Mudrika meli mukha mahee
jaladhi laanghee gaye acharaj nahee

With the Lord's ring in the mouth
you jumped over the sea, which is a amazing.

As said before, he conveyed Lord Rama's message to Sita by flying to Lanka. 

This verse says that he carried the ring (which was the message) by jumping over 

the waters to reach Lanka and delivering Lord Rama's message.

20. Durgam Kaaj jagatke jethe
sugama anugraha tumhare thete

During times of difficulty the world turns to you
And you provide the best shelter.

21. Rama duaare tuma rakhawaale
hota na aagya bin paysaare

You are the guardian to Lord Rama's door
Without permission, there is no entry.

22. Sab sukha lahe tumharee sarna
tum rakshak kahoo ko darna

All happiness are through your grace
When you are the protector, why fear

23. Aapan tej samaarao aapai
teeno lok haankate kaapain

You alone are able to control your might,
Seeing which the 3 worlds shiver

24. Bhoot Pishaach nikat nahee aawe
Mahaveer jab naam sunaavay

Evil spirits and devils don't come near
When they hear Hanumanjee's name

25. Naashe rog hare sab peera
Japat nirantar Hanumat veera

On reciting Hanumanji's holy name regularly all the maladies perish the entire 

pain disappears.

26. Sankat thee hanuman chhudawe
Man kram vachan dhyan jo laawe

Those who rembember Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are well guarded 

against their odds in life.

27. Sab par Raam Tapasvi raja
Tinake kaaj sakal tum saaja

You fulfilled all the missions of Sri Rama Himself,
Who fulfils the desires of devotees engaged in penance.

28. Aur manoratha jo koyee laavai
soyee amit jeevan phala paavai

Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires of those who come to you and bestow the 

eternal nectar the highest fruit of life.

29. Charahu Yuga Partaap tumhara
Hai Parasiddha Jagat Ujiyaaraa

Oh Hanumanji! You magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide all through the 

four ages and your fame is radianlty noted all over the cosmos.

30. Sadhoo sant ke tuma rakhwaare
Asura nikandana Raama dulare

Oh Hanumanji! You are the saviour and the guardian angel of saints and sages 

and destroy all the Demons, you are the seraphic darling of Shri Ram.

31. Ashta Siddhee nav nidhee ke daataa
Asabara deena jaankee maataa

You shall be the donar of the eight Siddhis and nine Nidhis
This was the boon given to you by Mother Sita.

32. Rama Rasayan tumhare paasaa
Sadaa raho raghupatee ke daasaa

Rama's story and greatness is with you
And may you remain the loyal person always

33. Tumhare Bhajan Ram ko Paavai
Janam Janam ke dukh bisaraavai

Through devotions to you one obtains Lord Rama
and thus removes all obstacles existing since ages.

34. Anth kaal raghupatee pura jaayee
Jahan janma hari bhakta kahayee

After death he enters the eternal abode of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of him, 

whenever, taking new birth on earth.

Hinduism always says that the loyal devotee is a good means to reach god and 

hence pray to the loyal devotee. Thus, people pray to Hanuman will reach Rama 

finally and Rama will usher him in too.

35. Aur devatha chitaa na dharayee
Hanumatha seyee sarva sukha karayee

You need not hold any other demigod in mind. Hanumanji alone will give all 


The idea here is that as Hanumanjee is one way or the other linked to the other 

gods, he is impersonate of all the good forces present.

36. Sankat kate Mite sab peera
Jo sumeerai Hanumata bala veera

Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and remove all the pain from 

those who remember you.

37. Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosai
Kripa Karahu Gurudeva kee naayee

Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I beseech You to bless me in the capacity of my 

supreme Guru (teacher).

38. Jo shath baar paath kara koyee
Chhutahee bandee maha sukh hoyee

One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times daily for one hundred 

days becames free from the bondage of life and death and enjoys the highest bliss 

at last.

39. Jo yaha padai Hanuman Chaleesa
Hoya Siddhee saakhee gowreesa

Whoever reads the Hanuman chalisa
Will become perfect as Shiva is the witness

40. Tulasi dasa sada hari chera
keejay naath hriday maha dera

Tulasidasa is always Lord Rama's devotee
And prays that the lord recide in his heart.

Pawana tanaya Sankat harana
Mangala Mooratee roop
Ram Lakhan Seeta-aa sahit
Hridaya basahu sura bhoopa

Son of the wind, remover of all problems,
Who has an auspicious and divine form
With Rama, Laxaman and Seeta
Please reside in my heart, o! king of gods.

जय श्री राम

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