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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deo - Full Story on deo , aurangabad ( BIHAR )

DEO ::: Full story on deo

DEO, a small town located in the district of Aurangabad, Bihar - In India. It's a place of historic and religious importance.

DEO means 'god'. It's a hindi word. The actual name of deo is 'Suryanagari deo' Which means -"The place / town of sun god".

Why deo is so famous in Bihar?
1. Deo is famous for the old sun temple here,
2. Deo is famous for "deo mahotsav and Chath Puja".

Sun temple of Deo
Sun temple of deo is one of the remarkable and notable temple and religious place in bihar.

It is said that Once Lord Vishwakarma was told to Build temples in one night,And this very temple is built that night.And is one of them.
But historically the Temple of deo , is believed to be built by Bhairvendra Singh , a Chandravanshi king of Umga. It is a 100-ft tall structure, with an umbrella-like top. The important custom of worshipping the Sun God and taking bath in its Brahma Kund dates back to the era of King Ayel. 
The temple is very old and very well built. As i Know about this temple, i think this temple is a mix of nagara art of design and other contemporary art of designs, This temple is dedicated to Lord sun i.e Surya.

Deo is located 10-km to the southeast of Aurangabad, As per the geographical data,

geographical location: Aurangabad, Bihar, India, Asia
geographical coordinates: 24° 39' 0" North, 84° 26' 0" East

Other Historical facts:-
The holy sunland of deo is also the place of historical importance, Here tourist can find ruins of ancient forts mainly built in the era of the king " RAJA JAGGANNATH PRASAD SINGH", his empire wss the time when deo, bloomed intothe great location. His main administration center was located in " KANCHANPUR" village, almost 3-4 kms south of DEO, the other palce that is an attraction to the tourists are forests and the "baba Siddhanath"s temple, located on the bodla peak near the village of BARA KHURD. the forest here have the wel maintained greenery and in history , it was the place where the king and his ministers went for hunting.

There are no any airports in deo, but yes..
Airports nearest to Deo are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.:-
Gaya Panchapur Airport (distanced approximately 53 km)
Patna Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)
Ranchi Airport (distanced approximately 170 km)
Varanasi Airport (distanced approximately 180 km)..


There is no difficulty in getting accomodations here. This small town has everything a town and a normal person want, It has almost everything to offer, from peace of mind to religious purity of soul everything..

Hoping you have much information about deo, If not do ask me what you want to be added in this...

- Amit gunjan 
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  1. Friends , it was a nice story on deo. have ur knowledge ab8 deo deo gained from here....

  2. ऐतिहासिक सूर्य मंदिर देव से कोई याचक खाली हाथ नहीं लौटता है। इसी धारणा लिए यहां लाखों श्रद्धालु आते है और अपनी मन्नतें पूरी कर लौटते है। कहा जाता है कि यहां जो भी सूर्य देव की शरण में आते है उन्हें मनोवांछित फल मिलता है।

  3. Many more Photos of Deo Surya Mandir (Since construction time) are kept in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai near India gate. One can see the glory of Deo i.e. Suraj Kund Talab, Bhudwa Mahadev, Ranipokhar, Khaiyan Math etc.

  4. No authentic history of place or temple. Dept should put a board with details of temple.

  5. No authentic history of place or temple. Dept should put a board with details of temple.

  6. Hello friend you really provided very helpful information about
    Deo surya mandir please keep it up such more information